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Football Reporter provides professional event recording, Football scoring and reporting directly from your iPhone or iPad in realtime. Aimed at reporters, coaches, supporter and managers of grass root football teams, you can keep track of all key elements of the football match including the time, score and team progress; then supplement this with a written report and post directly onto facebook or publish via email.

Easy to use interface

During the match, Football Reporter iPhone app will allow you to record an event, along with the score, that has occurred on the pitch with only 2 clicks! The first click selects the event, so maybe a GOAL, and the second records it against the team selected (by default, your team!). Done!

Record key events and track the score

Football Reporter supports 15 of the key events that will happen during a football match and allows you to record, edit and delete these quickly and easily on your iPhone or iPhad. Use the full potential for recording football match events or just use as a football scorer iPhone app

Stats & reporting

Stats by player, team or match.  See which player is adding value, use to help work out "man of the match" and end of year awards. Let your supports know the progress of their team with integrated email and facebook functionality; directly from your iPhone or iPad

Free & Professional versions

There are two iPhone app versions of Football Reporter, choose which is right for your needs to deliver the functionality you want now; if you're not sure, try it out, you can always upgrade later and won't lose your data. Football Reporter; the professional rugby scoring app for iphones and ipad!

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